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Patron Saint Guide

Patron Saints medals can be added to any bracelet.

Saint Agatha Patron Saint of Breast Cancer

Saint Agnes Patron Saint of Young Girls

Saint Anthony Patron Saint of Lost Things and Lost Souls

Saint Andrew Patron Saint of Fishermen

Saint Albert Patron Saint of Scientists and Students

Saint Aloysius Patron Saint of Roman Catholic Youth

Saint Anne Patron Saint of Grandmothers

Saint Bernard Patron Saint of Outdoor Sports

Saint Blaise Patron Saint of Veterinarians

Saint Bridget Patron Saint of Farmers

Saint Claire Patron Saint of Goldsmiths and Embroiderers

Saint Cecilia Patron Saint of Musicians

Saint Frances Cabrini Patron Saint of Immigrants

Saint Charles Patron Saint of Bishops, Cardinals and Spiritual Leaders

Saint Dyphmna Patron Saint of Depression and Anxiety

Saint Dominic Patron Saint of Astronomers

Saint Elizabeth Patron Saint of  Bakers, Homeless, Widows and Nursing Services

Saint Francis of Assisi Patron Saint of Pets

Saint Francis De Sales Patron Saint of Writers and Journalists

Saint John of God Patron Saint of Nurses and the Dying

Saint Joseph Patron Saint of Fathers, Workers and Unborn Children

Saint John Neumann Patron Saint of Catholic Education

Saint Jude Patron Saint of Desperate Causes and Lost causes

Saint Gabriel Patron Saint of Messengers and Postal Workers

Saint Gerard Patron Saint of Mothers, Fertility, Babies and the Unborn

Saint John Paul II Patron Saint of Families

Saint Lawrence Patron Saint of the Poor and Cooks

Saint Lucy Patron Saint of the Eyes

Saint Micheal Patron Saint of Policemen, Firefighters, and Military

Saint Peter Patron Saint of Fishermen and Locksmiths

Saint Paul Patron Saint of Missionaries and Public Workers

Saint Peregrine Patron Saint of Cancer and AIDS

Saint Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland

Saint Philomena Patron Saint of Infants, Babies and Youth

Saint Padre Pio Patron Saint of Adolescents, stress relief, healing

Saint Raphael Patron Saint of Physicians, Nurses and Medical Workers

Saint Stephen Patron Saint of Deacons and Masons

Saint Therese ( Little Flower) Patron Saint of Missions

Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta Patron Saint of World Youth Day and Charity

Saint Thomas of Aquinas Patron Saint of Academics and Scholars

Saint Thomas Moore Patron Saint of Attorneys and Politicians

Saint Valentine Patron Saint of Healthy Marriages

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