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Jewelry Care

Follow these steps to help keep your jewelry looking its best:

  • Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, cleaning or working with abrasives of any kind.
  • Apply beauty products such as perfume, cologne, hairspray, lotion or deodorant before wearing your jewelry as certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish, especially gold-plated pieces.
  • Do not bang, rub or drag jewelry on furniture, walls, tables, flooring or other hard surfaces.
  • If your jewelry requires cleaning, use a mild soap, water and a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and pat dry.
  • Use a soft brush, if necessary.
  • Never use jewelry cleaner. Jewelry cleaners are too harsh and may contain abrasives. 
  • Dry jewelry completely before storing.
  • We recommend using BRASSO for medal care.
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