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Stone Properties

inspiration*beads combines inspirational charms and religious medals with the positive elements of natural semi-precious stone beads.

Agate: Healing, Strength, Protection

Amazonite: Encouragement, Lessens Stress, Good Health

Amethyst:  Strength, Inspiration, Peace

Black Lava: Power, Clarity, Protection

Black Onyx:  Persistence, Wisdom, Confidence

Bronzite: Focus, Courtesy, Inner Certainty

Goldstone: Healing, Energy, Vitality

Hematite: Grounding, Improves Relationships, Increases Intuition

Howlite: Patience, Calming, Self-Confidence, Relieves Stress

Jade: Courage, Self-Expression, Long Life

Jasper: Deflects Negativity, Promotes Focus, Protection

Labradorite:  Enhances Intuition, Stabilizes Emotions, Tempers Negativity

Pyrite:  Good Luck, Intelligence, Healing

Quartz: Power, Energy, Clarity, Lessens Fears

Rhodonite: Acceptance, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz: Self-Love, Compassion, Soothing

Tiger Eye: Protection, Grounding, Integrity

Turquoise: Strength, Protection, Compassion
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